Media Publishing


Market Focused Content

Search engine algorithms are continuing to put more weight on content quality and originality, and this is a trend that will continue. Keeping this in mind, Perquage Media’s publishing team produces high quality content in a variety of niches, this ranks our blog network in SERPS and maintains the ranking. This allows us to stay ahead of search engine updates and ahead of our competitors whilst building long term sustainability.

Our product creation can originate by reverse engineering competing products in a given niche, and identifying the elements that make them successful. We conduct extensive market tests before beginning a new project, to ensure every product we produce has sufficient marketing potential. Combined with top direct response copy-writing in our advertising, we are able to launch products that quickly become the authority in their niche.

Both private and corporate clients take advantage of our marketing expertise and benefit from our high quality content creation. By providing extensive market research, we can take any product idea in any niche, fine tune it and turn it into a marketable digital product. This combined with our traffic generation strategies can get a new project launched and profitable quickly for our clients.