Online Promotion – Why Be A Diva?

Clip2Promo – A new way to promote your organisation / product or service.

Tired of the Adword bandwagon with large budgets for little or diminishing returns?

Well, if you prefer a decent ROI why not try this, as used by the top FTSE 100 companies?

How is it done? Simply have a video posted online and see your clients gather !!

Look what it did to a singer who launched their career.


The work commenced at 9,500 views and grew to 87,321 views, which has since steadily grown from 5 October 2014 to 111,700+ views.

What is involved? We write the copy and once it has been approved by you it is then made into an animated video, usually about 1 minute in length. Then we post it online.

At Perquage, we aim on quality, not quantity. So your video is shown to and focused on people who are most passionate about discovering you. Your video will be displayed within relevant social networks, blogs, websites, news, and mobile apps.

The video can then be directed geographically, based on gender, age, niche and keywords.

There are two parts to the promotion; the initial creation and promotion, then there is the monthly maintenance programme based around a budget. So all that’s left is to play and stay.

For more details please contact us today on finding a programme that is designed and customised for you.

More cost effective than monthly glossy periodicals and magazines – see for yourself why others are moving to this new form of promotion.

Who has also heard that the internet is crowded?

A hundred hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every single minute of the day. How can you stand out from the crowd and be seen? Perquage solves this problem.

Essentially we take your video and distribute it through out our powerful network. We have over 10,000+ blogs, websites, apps and social networks that will display your video to their real audience. Via Perquage, you can target by age, gender, location, and keywords.

We focus on engagement. So a view is registered when a real person watches a minimum 30 seconds of your video. Note that all displays are free. Note that all clicks are free. All sharing on facebook/twitter is free. All analytics about performance are free. All views less than 30 seconds are free. The bottom line is that you only pay when a real person watches a minimum 30 seconds of your video.

Contact us today as we look forward to providing you with the most effective video advertising solution.


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